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  • Model:NS-81P-1
  • Product name:Automatic Collar Trimming, Turning and Blocking Machine
● With collar tip trimming, turning and blocking function
● Apply PLC and human friendly touch screen for operation
● Apply electric heating and independent digital thermostat for temperature control
● This machine provides many operation modes for selection and it could be debugged and repaired under manual operation mode
● Pressing mould is long enough to press the whole collar
● Automatic clamp can fix collar position, reduce labor force
● High production efficiency and could finish 1800 to 2000pcs of collar every 8 hours
● Standard  cutter:  C33-00117-3       88 ° cutter
    C33-00117-1   75°  cutters,    C33-00117-4    105°  cutters
  • Automatic collar clamping
  • Collar tip trimming and turning