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  • Model:NS-9501
  • Product name:Automatic Rotation Armhole Press
● Suitable for armhole fusing and ironing alternately
● Adopt PLC and user friendly touch screen for operation
● Vertical adding pressure mode for a more flat pressing effect and higher efficiency
● Totally two pressing modes (light press and heavy press) are available to cater for different fabrics
● Utilize 3 independent digital thermostats for more accurate temperature control of upper mould
● Automatic rotation lower mould facilitates easy operation and high efficiency
● Lower mould equipped with air bag and rubber strips (resistant to high temperature and high pressure ) will completely offset the shape difference between the mould and armhole. Furthermore, it can help different fabrics to achieve the best pressing effect
● With independent vacuuming system for fixing, cooling and shaping the garment
  • Special design of the lower mould to offset the shape tolerance between the mould and the armhole
  • High quality silica rubber and air bag for automatic air charging