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  • Model:NS-8934
  • Product name:Automatic Triple-Buck Fusing Press

●Best for fusing and pressing shirt collar and front placket
●Equipped with 3 moulds rotary design to apply for pressing,cooling and laying materials simultaneously thus the work efficiency has been improved greatly
●Optimizing design keys on pressure boosting of pressure system which can produce enough pressure,improve efficiency and quality,operate easy and repair smoothly
●Separate heating and cooling upper moulds could work simultaneously
●Water cooling system for perfect pressing result
●The lower mould adopts servo motor drive to rotate positioning accurately
●The upper mould is made of high quality aluminum alloy, so the heat transferring becomes faster and evener. It has four thermostats for accurate temperature control
●Adopt user friendly touch screen for operation,and gentlely pressing, heavily pressing etc. can be selected 
●Equipped with high sensitive electric eye system to ensure the operator’s safety

  • Pressing shirt front
  • Pressure boosting system