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  • Model:NS-2275-160
  • Product name:Automatic Washing & Dyeing Machine

● It combines three functions: dyeing, washing and spinning together within one body.
● It is suitable for washing and dyeing garments made of various fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber, etc, with fine washing and dyeing effect
● Two independent water circulation modes:
   A: Outer drum top water circulation; B: Machine front water circulation
   so it could meet different requirements of garment dyeing and washing
● Adopt PLC and user friendly touch screen for operation; it can memory many groups of program and each program could be preset for 20 steps
● Adopt inverter control, the speed of washing and dyeing is adjustable
● Adopt direct steam heating and external indirect heating combination; users can select immediate or up-to- temperature timing
● Water filtering system is applied for the water circulation system for convenient water recycling
● Equipped with one chemical dosing tank and one salt tank for automatic chemical feeding with certain dose at preset time
● Adopts suspension type vibration absorbing device for less vibration during machine running

  • Salt dosing tank with feeding system (standard)
  • External indirect heating device (standard)